My favorite wellness book

The best wellness book I have come across so far is Feeling Good, by David D. Burns, MD.

My psychiatrist recommended that I use it as part of my treatment for depression. It was a breakthrough! After years of trying various medications, and working with various therapists, and enduring feeling somewhere between half-okay and really bad—this book got me back to feeling normal again.

It gives you practical, applicable tools for combating negative thought patterns that keep you stuck.

Even people without depression or any mental health issues can benefit from using the techniques which this book introduces in simple, clear language. Do other people ever make you angry? Why do you give them that power? This book can teach you how to choose when you get angry, and how to keep that power for yourself and not let other people enrage you, no matter what they say or do. Pretty cool! And that’s just one chapter!


Museum hosts daily wellness events in Dallas, TX

I am not the only one who decided to make 2015 the Year of Wellness. The Crow Collection of Asian Art in downtown Dallas is also hosting daily wellness events all year.

The Wellness 101 lectures every Wednesday at noon are one of my favorite series.

This past Wednesday, July 22, 2015, Douchka Lecot of Yana Shala gave a wonderful introduction to Yoga Nidra, a conscious state of deep rest and relaxation which can allow the body to reap the benefits of sleep while remaining awake.

Hi everyone!

I decided in January that 2015 would be my Year of Wellness. I have been focusing on my own wellness and exploring ways to improve my physical and mental health. This has included a renewed focus on some things I was doing before this year, as well as many new things I have learned about and started using this year. It’s been an illuminating journey so far, and I have been feeling much better. (Yea!) So I thought I would start this little wellness blog and share some of what I have been learning with the wider world. I will just be sharing my own experiences, not really doling out advice per se. But I hope this will give you some new insights and help you to take a more active and informed role in your own wellness.